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This shiny little title signifies the very thing that I’m going to be entering into this weekend in the hopes that I come out with a gold key due to my writings.

What does this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked!

The Alliance For Young Artists and Writers is a group from Schoolastic found here: http://www.artandwriting.org/

They are a major group within America that takes submissions from either the school, or the local Art Museum and from there, they judge the work from each region. That work includes writings like short stories, poems, freelance essays, and even novels. Art includes anything from drawings in pencil to taking a photograph of some long forgotten room.

The judges of each region judge each category and then give it the rank of either, Honored Mention, Silver key or Gold key. If you are a senior in highschool, and you are ranked a Gold key, you are automatically entered into a judging in New York City. There, they will judge you once again, only this time, on a national level, and if you are the lucky winner there, you are granted the ability to display your work in the museum in NYC. (I believe that there are some scholarships involved, but I forget.)

Last year, I was a Junior, and I receive a Silver key, which is incredible, with a work I wrote Freshman year.

This year, I am entering in a lot more submissions, and I really, really hope that I win Gold. I think that it would be a major boost to my belief in myself, as well as get at least a little recognition for myself! I DO want to go into writing when I grow older, and I think that this will only help me. Deadline is this Friday and I have about fourteen to fifteen works to enter.
Wish me luck.