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To say the least, trying out the writing life, is frightening and also kind of exciting. I am in the process of writing my book which I have yet to decide on a title. I’m think of calling it Relance: Shattered, because it encompasses what happens in the story. It asks the questions of:
1- Who is Relance?
2-Is it even a person, or is it a place?
3-What is shattered? Someone’s soul, or is it some nation that is divided by war?

I can pull a lot of things from this title, it’s just that my only hang up is that I don’t think it quite it has that “ring” that a title should otherwise have. I may stick with it if I don’t think of something more clever, but we shall see.

As of late, I’ve been slowly devoting more and more of my time to writing, trying things, and trying to motivate myself to failure, just to see what happens. A lot of this is possible because I am in the finishing stages of highschool and entering college, so I have a bit more free time on my hands than I would have otherwise. I think that this is incredibly, because once I enter college, it’s all going to be papers that I don’t really feel like writing, no matter how helpful they are.

The genre of my interest is High Fantasy. Wizards, dragons, armies, medieval castles, to even elves and dwarfs, they all have an incredibly special place within my heart. I love the lore that is created surrounding these people and places and it has always been a complete joy to come along on their adventures. Whether those adventures be saving the world, or just the city they live in, I love seeing their trials and triumphs, sorrows, and joys!

I have said in a post on another blog of mine this little phrase:

Have any of you ever wanted to live in a fantasy world? Like something you would read in a book? I love our world, but there is a big Ho-hum about everything that I do. I know in a fantasy world, there would be some Ho-hum times, but then, everything would have a sense of mystery about it! Of things undiscovered, and yet to be found. Where new animals would prowl the wilds and ancient cities would rise out of the ground, throwing a thousand stars to the earth.

The kind of fantasy world I would love to live in would be made of vast jungles crawling with dangerous creatures. Long-lost castles would be uncovered and the ancient lore of different races would alight to new discoveries and magics. I would love, for every morning, to be able to strap my sword to my back, grab my satchel and move on to the next spot to discover.

I would walk through the shade of sentient trees and the sunlight would glitter in the foliage, casting shadows over my face. Waterfalls would break my path and I would come to impossibly big valleys riddled with trees. I would fight behemoths and fierce dragons, all the while, writing down what happened and what I discovered in a book that I carried with me at all times.

Yes, to be in that kind of world, with different people, and places, and customs, would be absolutely amazing to me. For the world to have yet been discovered. I want the unknown.

Let that sink in and realize that this line of thinking still holds sway with me to this day. I posted this about a year ago. Not too long ago, but it was a time where I was still just debating writing a book. I had been playing with the idea for several years, making lore, characters and the such, even attempting the first few chapters of a book. Now, I can say that I have started one, and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I’m still learning to love it, even during the dry periods where I have no idea what I want to say. I have been learning so much. Much more, I am sure, than I could ever learn in a classroom at school. Oh, of course they have their place, but to truly learn, is to do and not sit by so complacently. But when I get a creative flow going, I can write and the end result is me staring at a clock in disbelief saying that two hours had just passed through my fingers.

I’m still paranoid to share the ideas that revolve around my book, even if they might already be written. I have not read of any such ideas that I have come up with. Yes, I borrow, but then who doesn’t? It is the well from which I draw my knowledge and ideas.

I’m not really writing this for anything other than to solidify my thoughts.

Does anyone ever experience such realizations? I’m sure you do, so please, share! I would be curious to know what some other authors, artists, musicians and general bloggers think.