He really is.
I don’t know how else to say this than, he is a major control freak.  I have been working for him nearly two years, and despite getting plenty of hours and the approval of every other human being in the building, he still feels compelled to tell me how to do things that I have done literally hundreds of times. His reasoning on how to do things is skewed and often times leaves me in a fury because he has just insulted my intelligence.

I do perfectly well in school, I do well at my job and I do it efficiently. But no, he has to control me. One of the deli ladies walked out of the store, never to return today because of the stress he creates and he had not been scheduling her enough. She had been there for three and a half years, does a fantastic job, and had relied on that income. It was good that she had just been hired somewhere else, otherwise I’m not sure what she would have done.

I just know that I’m applying wherever I can. Bookstores, the library, anywhere, that will get me away from this greedy controlling bastard.