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I’m thinking, yes. My first draft is beginning to come to a close. I’m thinking that there will be about four or five more chapters, but after that, the first draft will be finished. I don’t think anyone can ever know what that feels like unless they do it themselves. This is my first novel, ever. I don’t care if it is terrible, I just know that I have been having so much fun writing it and I have learned so much. Lately, I have been having a ton of difficulty with a couple of the characters, but I have been roughly finding out what I want to happen and how they are going to develop.

I know that this thing is plagued with beginner’s mistakes, but again, I have had more fun doing this over the past four months, than anything. It’s challenging, but it’s the good kind that only helps you grow.

When I finish the first draft, I’m going to let it sit for a month or two, come back, and start the revision process. I am so excited!  Now, to go back and finish this thing. I’m going to try and finish it by the end of this week. I think that I can do it! Now, to throw away the distractions, and get typing.