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Well, this should be interesting for sure.

So, unless you don’t know (most likely you don’t) I work at a meat deli here in the Fort. It’s a small family owned business that serves a wide range of people from some of the wealthiest people in the city, to the poorest. The sane, and the insane.  If I could sum up my job and the kind of business that we get in one word, the word “Circus” comes to mind.

The main reason for this is just the wide range of people that we get. We have people that literally look like they haven’t seen the light of day since they were born, but then others, look as if they had never had any shortage of money. Now, this kind of customer base does offer the advantage of a lack of boredom, but it does offer a bit of stress. I have had the pleasure of waiting on one of the wealthiest men in the city, but then I also had the pleasure of a man that was wanting a ten pound bag of worms for dinner, then ending off the order by telling me to cut off my family members.

Yeah, quite the crowd.

Anyway, I have been there for nearly two years, my boss, needless to say, is a bit on the controlling side. I had originally taken the job so that I could just make money and build up some skill in retail. Now, it’s the time for me to move on. I really, really want to work at a bookstore, always have. Any, really. I love books and my life has pretty much revolved around the little things. Filling my head with people and places that I could never dream to see and struggles that I would never want to happen to me.

Two days ago, though, I was called by Barnes and Noble and yesterday I had the interview. Fingers crossed that I get the job! The interview lasted about 40 minutes and I talked to both managers of the store. They were friendly and very professional, and I enjoyed myself even though I had been stressing about it just before the event.

Here’s to hoping that I get the job there. I think that I would love it there, oh so much. The atmosphere there is fantastic and I would be with the things that I love the most. Books!