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Well, I had said that I had a new job offer at Barnes and Noble about a week ago and that I had the interview and was waiting for the phone call. I had been stressing all week.

Well, I can stress no more! I received the job and yesterday was my orientation. I start training on Monday and I leave my now old job on April 10th!!! I’m so excited, I can’t express it enough!

If there is one thing that I love in life, as a hobby and a guilty pleasure, it is the existence of books. I love their smell, their feel and especially the stories that hide behind every page. I will never be a complete convert to E-books, even though I have an E-reader now. There is something to be said about the feel and touch of books that makes the story feel that much more alive. Anyway, I have always wanted to work with them. I volunteered at the public library for about two years a few years back and I can say that I am absolutely stoked to leave behind the raw meat business and go back to something that I love.

My bosses at the meat market were not pleased that I was leaving and tried to convince me to work both jobs. But I know that would cause way too much trouble with the schedules and I just want to leave. Nothing against them personally (Not exactly), but books are something that have had main dominance in my heart, not meat. I plan on being an author someday, so it only makes sense!! 🙂

I  can’t wait to get started!!!