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It’s been a little while since I have posted here, and I kind of regret that. I do have a list of excuses, like everyone else would, though I think I’ll spare everyone the agony of having to hear it. I will, however, tell everyone of my new job, my writing, and my experiences thus far.

In my last blog entree, I said that I had been hired at Barnes and Noble. That was a good three weeks ago. (Yeesh! Time flies!) So far, they have had me stay at the register and I have been enjoying that immensely. The people there are so friendly and classy, so it is a complete joy working for them. The job is easy so far and is low-demand. The only thing I have to do is check people out of the store and push deals and sales. It’s not bad, and it’s definitely something that I am good at. I like how everyone there is like-minded and they all have an immense love for books. Feelings that I can share with intense vigor.

Yesterday, they called me and asked if they could train me in other parts of the store, so I’m eagerly looking forward to that! They were saying that it was with Customer Service. Kind of self-explanatory and something that I can easily do, I’m sure.

As for my last job, I had to withdraw my two weeks notice, only because BN had to slash some hours, and because I was new, I was the victim of that. So, I’m working both jobs on top of school, so I’m keeping very busy.

On the writing front, I have begun to re-read my novel. I finished the first draft a little more than a month ago, so it is high time that I go back and revise the thing. I re-read the first chapter, and I will say, it was painful. I had written most of this book in a month. The last bit of it took another 3, so a grand total of four months to finish my first draft which has come in at about 300 pages. Not bad, but the writing right now is really lacking in the coherent level.

However, despite the fact that my book is in shambles, I am incredibly excited to start editing it and get this thing in a readable state. It’s my dream to be an author, so for that to come true, I need to actually sit down and write. Which is something that I dearly love.


I believe that is all for now. I’m sorry for the lack of effort put into this post. I’m writing it between work and school, so it is hastily put together. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. I plan on writing more in the next coming days, not weeks. 🙂