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Slowly but surely, my book is coming along. It’s been pretty hard balancing work, school and editing my book. I’m working about 40 hours a week between the two jobs, and on top of school, which is only a couple days a week, writing has been hard to take a prevalent part of my life. Of course, I have been making time for it, but it’s been harder than before. Once I go back to a part time job and college, things should be a bit different. Maybe not time-wise, but my focuses should be a but different!

Anyway, I have been reading through my first draft, and I must say, not too shabby. Considering most of it was written in a month, with every entry written late at night, powered by coffee. Of course, it’s nothing to sing home about, but it’s definitely better than I had originally thought that it would be. I love the way that I have made the world pretty dark and gruesome, but then at the same time, keeping a few things that are nice about it. I hint at old grandeur fairly often, hinting that there is more to this world than what is immediately apparent. I love the descriptions and the subtle horrors that lie within.

The only thing that I’m not absolutely crazy about, is the way that I present my characters. I don’t think that I go far enough into their heads to where I can make them seem human. It almost seems like they are just cardboard cutouts that move around to these obscenely detailed places, making them do robotic things. At least, that is how it seems in the very beginning. A few chapters in, and I can see that I had been realizing this as I was writing, but had not bothered to go back and fix those problems. The characters start to flesh out later, but I need them to have more motivation and drive in the beginning. That way, I can hook the reader and get them invested into the story.

Not bad, but definitely needs some work. However, I am still really excited about my idea here. The plot has so much potential and I can’t wait until it is polished. I have a good friend reading my first draft, warts and all, just so that she can give me some of her honest opinion.

Before I had handed her the draft, she read the first chapter and loved it. She said that I had a great style with my words and that excited me greatly. We’ll see what else she says about the rest of it.


P.S. Still thinking about whether or not I wanna have a blog that is exclusively featuring my writing. Haven’t been able to really think about it.