Namely, high school. All my life, or rather most of it, I have been Homeschooled. A couple years of “normal school” have been spattered in among my many years as a homeschooler, but for the most part, I have remained and loved the latter. I know all the connotations that come with being a homeschooler. All the stereotypes and snide remarks have not slid me by. But, thank you to my mother, a wonderful woman by the way, I have now graduated from highschool with honors, a 3.7 GPA and a looming education from the local college.

As you all know (or not?) that I am going to become a Bachelors in English and Writing. I picked the degree because I love reading, I like writing and I really, really, really want to get better at both. I fantasize of becoming a great author one day, but right now, I am content with just living in my own mind within the little spare time that I am granted every day. Nothing gives me greater joy, and though I graduated from High School only two weeks past, I am beyond ready to move on to college and meet all the people there, as well as to learn the first few stages of what is expected to become a writer.

The first couple of years are going to be basic classes and small requirements, but the final two are the ones that will be enamored with all my creative writing courses! Those are by far the classes that I am most excited about. They will let me meet new people and I will be able to be judged on what I love to do best. I know it won’t be pretty the first time ’round, but I will get better and take into account the criticisms that I will be given.

In the mean time, however, I will be working on writing things that I enjoy. I can go to school for years and years and years, and still never really know what is needed to prepare me for what is expected. I realize this, but the connections and the education that I will be receiving will be incredible and I am going to make friends that share the same feelings that I do. Things that are so incredibly exciting!

Bring it on, Life!


As for my other blog, I have a new post there. It’s a shoddy little poem that I wrote a couple years ago, but I would love it if people would take even a glance in its direction.