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So, I’ve been wanting to mess with photography for a while now, but have never really had the opportunity to do so as I have never had a decent camera. At least, one that was even worth seeing the light of day! And thus, was discouraged from attempting to take pictures. Well, the other day, I found a Canon Powershot A2200 for about $79 on Amazon. I took it, and I have been having a little fun with the thing! 🙂

Oh, I am far from good. Even farther from decent, but I think that I will really enjoy this new little hobby that I have found! It’s fun, instant results, and something that everyone can appreciate. As I get better, I hope that I can really turn in some really cool shots! As they say, It’s the person with skill, not the camera the makes the shot. Though of course, the camera always helps.


Thanks for reading!