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Here we go again, right? Another person who thinks that he has it all figured out while using and doing the very things that he calls out against. In other words, a hypocrite. A name and phrase that people seem to toss around without so much as a thought to meaning or consequence. But there has been something that I’ve been seeing among the population of an increasingly electronic dependent and human despondent nation.

It’s the lack of empathy that I have seen among others. There is this sickening and horrible narcissistic mood growing in people’s hearts. They look at each other in loathing, pride dripping from the lips of each with every word they speak. They are all gods, or so they think. So important and self-righteous. I myself have fallen to this line of thinking.

And they are right to think that they are important because they really are. They are human. Faulty and imperfect, but a person. However, they approach it the wrong way. They see others as faulty, which they are, but there is no indication that they think they are imperfect as well. There is no serving attitude anymore, they treat others like everyone owes them everything when there is no such truth.

I think they have been lulled into this kind of thinking. Not only by the way they were told to look at people, many times by their parents, but by a media and culture that is so driven toward what they call “individuality”, that they actually alienate people from each other. They are told no longer that people will make them happy, that things will. “People are stupid and don’t know how to do things.” They are told, “You are an exception, however, so have this (fill in blank) that will do all these things for you without having to worry about the hassles of mistakes. You are perfect, so you deserve perfect and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise you perfect person, you.”

At least there is that feeling that I get from the message out there in the culture.

I want it to change. People don’t know people anymore. They don’t sympathize or help out like they use to. It’s all, “first come, first serve” or an “I’m better” mentality out there, and it’s killing us. Now, I know that not everyone is like this, there are always exceptions to the rule (and don’t say you are, because only someone else can tell you that with any honesty), but I believe that because we are all becoming so programmed, we are losing what makes us human. We live and breath what things tell us to. We don’t explore boundaries or interact anymore. We stare at screens now, not searching for any more answers. Have we become so intellectual that we no longer need to do anything worth doing anymore? Do we really have it all figured out? Take a walk down town and ask yourself this question. Where is everyone?

And I mean, where is everyone.

I know that I’m trying to change myself. Maybe I can motivate others to do the same with the way that I deal with people and look at situations. Actions speak louder than words after all.