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I’m just writing as I think. Relaxing, in a way. Releasing a sort of “building up” inside of me. I should really be falling asleep, as I am beginning to feel woozy from the long day, but I don’t think that I will.

I will finish this toast that is next to me, drink my tea, and think. Sit and ponder, and wonder where my life is taking me. So many things are wrong with the world, and I want them to go away. But maybe there have already been so many things wrong with it, that we can’t even begin to comprehend it all.

People kill people, rape, loot, cheat, and steal. We all seem to be pathetically evil. Villains of our own. It’s easy, so very easy, to take a negative stance on the human race. Why are we here? What purpose other than to exist is there? If I were to jump off of a building, why should people care? I know that if there really was no point to life, then my death would mean nothing.

But I know that there is more to things than this. We all have a purpose, each to one another. And people are good, when asked and shown how to be. Despite the bad, there will always be that good inside of us, screaming to escape, and when it does, it affects others. It makes them smile and laugh, wanting to see what else is in store for them.

For now though, my tea and toast is what my attention desires most before I lay myself down for bed. We do have a purpose: it’s to love. Selfless acts to one another, always to further each other. I think that it’s time we all realized that. Nothing given is nothing gained.

Goodnight everyone.
Until tomorrow.

Have a seat, for the path is long. We can not do it alone. You have to realize this.