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It’s a kind of feeling that I can’t really seem to explain. Old cliches come to mind, but they don’t do what I am feeling justice. I am so blessed with a wonderful family, solid friends, and an education that just keeps growing. I have my Religion which has been making me happier and happier every single day, and my love for it keeps growing. I am lacking nothing as I have a job, money, food, and everything else that I could ever need. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t deserve it all. There is a nagging that says in my ear, “you shouldn’t have this”. And sometimes I feel like that nagging is right. But I know that, ultimately, it isn’t right. I know that I am where I am, because I have been blessed with so much. Then, when I am ready, I will help others more than I have been already with the resources that I have been given.

I know that I have been posting a lot of this stuff lately, but it’s all true, and I can’t help but continue in my expression of it. I hope that some people will realize that things aren’t all that bad. I mean, things are bad, but times will get better like they always do. Keep on swimming, as Dory says. Better days are ahead. How much further are they? We can never know, but we can know that they are there.

I think that I’ll make a real post tomorrow. It’s been long over-due.

The light is always ahead.