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I don’t know how many of you know, but I do love me some Lord of the Rings. Over the course of the summer, during work, and with The Hobbit coming out soon, I found that my workplace carried these:


They are the Lord of the Rings: 50th Edition and The Hobbit: Special Addition. Altogether, the books cost me $109, even with my discount. (Don’t tell my parents.)

Now, when I purchased these things, I felt an oddly profound sense of guilt.

That was SMASHED under a feeling of pure excitement!

I got home and opened them up, being incredibly careful with the spines, flipped through their pages, and was at a loss for words by how beautiful the books were. The Lord of the Rings book has gilded pages with a red ribbon book mark. Inside both covers are some incredibly detailed maps that cover the whole of middle earth, all done in the style that J.R.R Tolkien had originally wanted. The Appendixes are beautifully written (of course) and explain everything you could ever want to know about Middle Earth. The cover itself? Well, you can see that the front has a very pretty decor of Sauron’s eye, surrounded by rings of power. It has a leathery feel to it, and on the back cover bears Tolkien’s signature in the same style as the eye and rings. The box that is behind the book is simply that: A box. Though it does have a very nice picture of a tower I forget the name of

The Hobbit, I think, has a much prettier cover. It has a nicer textured feel to it and feels a lot thicker. As you can see, it has some very incredible design on the front. The red and gold together look insanely beautiful together. The pages are also thicker than the Lord of the Rings, but that is because it is a smaller book. They are not gilded, but have this odd spattering of green dots on them. Dunno if I like that all that much. Inside is the traditional tale of The Hobbit, but there are also far more illustrations inside than in The Lord of the Rings. They are all the older illustrations, so it gives the book a feeling of age and worth. The box that is behind it is simpler than its sibling’s, though it does have a small picture on the front of some woods.

So, anyway, I thought that I would share them. Here are some more pictures.