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(This is a class project that I am doing. The purpose of the assignment is to show that the students in the class know how to communicate via modern technology. We had a choice between making a Youtube Video or a Blog Post. I chose the latter. This post focuses on the concept of external communication which is shown in a scene of my friend and I talking about our different levels of interest in a girl. While there are other concepts here such as internal or non-verbal communication, it’s the external concept that I was wanting to focus on because it is, by far, the one that is implemented the most. Here we go.)

“Dude! You see her?” Joe pointed her out to me, a girl walking down one of the paths leading between campus buildings. I nodded, eyeing her dark hair and thin frame. Definitely beautiful, but not someone I was really interested in. Girls were not something that I wanted to deal with right now.

Joe glanced at me with a thoughtful eye, a slight smirk on his fair face, “You wanna talk to her?”

“No, not really.” I shook my head, sighing sharply, feeling slightly apprehensive. I had always hated being pushed to do something, always wanting to do it in my own time. Joe never seemed to have understood that, even after knowing me for about 3 years.

“Dude, come on, really?” He put a firm hand on my shoulder and faced me, “She’s gorgeous! Look, she’s getting away!” He flipped a palm in her direction.

I watched as she disappeared into a building, dark hair rippling in the air like ribbons caught in a breeze.

“It doesn’t matter Joe, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.”

“Who said anything about anything working out? I was just saying that you should get to know her!” He paused, “Do you think I should talk to her if we see her again?”

“Sure, I don’t care.” I shrugged and smiled lightly, “You can have any girl you want right now. I’m not really looking.”

“Is this about that last girl, dude?” He still faced me and looked me deeply in the eye, trying to see if he can catch me in a lie.

I told the truth, “No, Joe. It’s not her. Don’t worry about it. That girl just didn’t look my type.”

“Whatever, man. Your loss.” He finally turns away and looks back to the door where the girl walked through.

I sit next to him awkwardly, finally asking, “So, you wanna get some lunch?”

“Yeah, man, thought you wouldn’t ask.” He smiles and claps me on the back with a warm hand, “We’ll find you someone.”

“Sure, dude. We’ll see.” I punch him in the arm, and we walk.

(While a short exchange, I think that it conveys a lot of meaning about us. It’s us exchanging messages between each other, and we get to share some of what we are thinking. I wasn’t really keen on approaching the girl, and I let him know it. At the same time, he lets me know that he is really attracted to the girl and wants me to share that sentiment. Most of these messages are shared verbally.)