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Here is what I’m doing for NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Today, I have not been able to do much because of my schoolwork calling my name. However, I did do a little bit to contribute to my re-write and was able to get down about 500 words or so. It was a small conversation between two of my characters, but it was crucial to getting my plot on its feet. The conversation introduced my character’s motives and dreams and struggles as well as to introduce my second character. Both of whom are going to play massive roles in the plot.

So, I am pleased with what I was able to squeeze into my schedule. Tomorrow I expect to get more done because it’s the weekend, and maybe even get caught up with the word count! I am going to also try and keep this a daily posting.

For fun, here’s a little excerpt from that conversation:


“I feel so lost.” Wrath said mentally. It was a thought that continued to come to him over time. He tried to keep that kind of thinking away, and instead focus on his family; happy thoughts. But the thought of being lost kept returning, begging for his attention with a calloused palm. It bothered him, and he wanted it to leave, but return it would. Maybe, he thought, if he were to think it through, it would go away.

“Who says that you are?” A voice says, “You could be making it all up. The world is not a friendly place, so who is to say that this isn’t normal?”

“It is normal.” Wrath said to himself.

“Now it is?” The voice asked Chidingly.

Wrath shuddered mentally. If the world was always this cold, then what was the point of going on? He knew that he wanted an escape. Some kind of release.

“Give me death.” Wrath whispered, barely letting the air past his lips.

“I can not grant it. I am merely a voice, one that you yourself created.” It said, “Death will have to come to you by your own hand.”

“I can not, though. I will become what crawls through the streets and the sewers, licking blood off the walls of old homes. Never still, always hungry, killing because it can not die itself. I do not want that kind of fate.”

“Are you sure that you do not want that fate? Would it not be easier to live?” The voice became deathly quiet, “Who says that those creatures out there aren’t happy?”

Happy? What was happy? Some long forgotten memories tugged at his mind, bringing into focus his family, his friends…even his duty to the city. They passed back into whatever dark recess they had come from, taking any old feeling of warmth with them.

“They are not happy.” Wrath felt himself saying, “Even in death they scream in pain. Watching me with hateful eyes. I hear no laughter from their severed throats, no mirth shining in dim eyes. There is nothing from them. They envy my life, and I envy their death. They are not happy, I do not want that fate.”

“But you don’t know for sure, do you?”

“No, I suppose that I don’t. But I have seen, and I am afraid. Give me real death, and I will embrace it warmly. Darkness, unconsciousness is what I want.” Wrath’s voice broke slightly, “I haven’t seen real darkness in so long.”


More to come!