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So ends the second day of my little expedition into the wilderness of imagination. Figuring out the confusing paths of the subconscious and the dark forests of words has been inexplicably rewarding as usual. My characters are dancing to my song exactly as intended, and while I am content, I am not ignorant. Who knows what treachery against my outline they have further down the road. This is, after all, only the second chapter and many knives are hidden until later when the heat and tension have risen to much more agreeable conditions for murder.

My character who I am currently writing the story of, Wrath, is wonderfully insane, and is now on his way to doing what he was destined to do. Fated, if you will. A voice in his ear is helping him along, and none too soon, for the world is about to fade into the darkness. The gods have conspired and they are now paying the price for such a crime.

I have my characters moving and I can not wait until they are neck deep in trouble. A far scarier road awaits them, but the reward will be worth every ounce of their pain. I am posting this now, but I am far from finished writing for the night.

At least I was able to see a wonderful sunset over our neighborhood before I wade deeply into this dark world that I have created. Apocalyptica creates melodies in one ear, my muse, whispers of a world that I can’t wait to finish exploring. Goodnight everyone, and good luck.

It was too lovely of a night to pass. I had to step out!