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It’s been a while my friends, but I still lurk around the corners of the site here. School has started and brought with it a torrent of things that need attended to. However, I do not wish to speak of school, for I already have two to many of those posts and am beginning to sound redundant.

Anyway, I have taken a break from writing for a while. Not something I really decided, but I had been needing to focus on some other aspects of my life while preparing for school and working a job, so not a lot of time had been left to me. However, even though I am tremendously busy, I am starting back up on my writing. In the upcoming week, probably by next Friday or Saturday, I will be posting a short story titled, “The Nail Maker”. It’s something like Tolkien’s folk-lore type stories. It was definitely inspired by them and I will be directly influenced by the style they are written in. Any constructive criticism will be welcome and I hope it will at least be slightly entertaining. Please have a wonderful week and keep doing what you love!