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My path carries me on through turbulent seas. Peach sunlight washes over me and I smile as I watch the last of the leaves fade off and decay as the face of winter begins to reveal himself. But this is expected and maybe that is why I smile. I know what is going to happen and how they are going to pass and I find comfort.

But like a blind man trying to find himself in a forest cast into the darkness of night, I wander my way through my life, trying so very desperately to find direction. I know that there is an end, and my hands stretch forth in a way that only increases my desire for it!

And maybe this is why I stretch for it. For the hope that I will one day be fulfilled beyond a comprehension that I possess, to find a love that will satisfy my desire, and that I will in that satisfaction share to the rest of the world. For is that not the goal of love; that once we have it, we can’t help but blossom like a rose and share the beauty that we possess?

My fingers move like the pianist playing a song that has long been familiar to him as I walk through my routine, all in the hopes that I will find this direction toward this love. I have hope. And that is enough.