Lately, I have been so busy with school and work, that I’m never really sure that I’m doing anything worth-while! I mean, yeah, I’m working for something, but damn it all if it just feels like I’m running in circles.

I have been searching for a new job lately for many reasons. A few of them being the fact that my boss is incredibly controlling and he brought me to tears because I felt that I could not do anything right by him. Since then, he’s been slightly nicer, but it was incredibly humiliating and frustrating. So, for new jobs, I’m kind of searching anywhere and everywhere for one. I’ve applied at the library, bookstores, and soon to be applying at the nearby game shop.

On the book side, well, things have slowed down a bit. The first draft of my novel has been frustrating me to no end. I feel like I have been losing my connection with my characters, and that is discouraging. The reason behind that is something that continues to elude me, but I can’t help but feel that it is my level of stress lately. A heavy school load and a negative environment at work can kill the creative process faster than an ant in a bon-fire.

Screw re-reading this and correcting any incohesive thoughts, I’m going to play a video game and eat some skittles.